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Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division?

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Shit Hydra Is Everywhere, Lock Down.

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 love this for so many reasons #thor probably just found out that bruce turns into the hulk #and he literally met bruce hours ago #and everyone else who has known bruce just sees him as the hulk #but thor sees him as bruce banner #not the monster #he knows bruce somewhere in there#that the hulk isn’t just a mindless beast #and to make this even more feelsy#this is just like how he treats loki #everyone else sees loki as a psychotic menace #and thor is the only one who tries to reason with him instead of just attacking #this is why i hate it when people say thor is just all muscle and looks #he is so much more #he’s the only one who’s given the ‘monsters’ a chance to redeem themselves #and to me #thats one of the most heroic things someone can ever do

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they blur the lines and lead the way, their way.

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the light before we land by sandara

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omg i was fooling around with gif making and the loop makes it look like they’re playing a really intense game of frisbee.

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natasha romanoff quotes
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↳ Bucky struggles with his memories and looks up on the internet what damage the Winter Soldier -he- has done.


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"I will protect Asgard and  all the realms with my last and every breath."

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